Ah, the art of building a brand. A nudge he, an extra touch of cyan there, serif/sanserif. The world of a designer is full of decision and indecision. However, our bunch have long mastered the art. And while the rest of us let their procrastinations lazily drift across the office and over our heads, it keeps media bods amused to an extreme. But then again, ‘considered’ and ‘style’ have never been two words you could hold against them. Bless.

(In no less than 140 characters) Our social team may appear to always be on facebook but they assure us it’s all work, work, work! But having helped Rolls-Royce go from no social presence to being the 3rd most prolific in the FTSE 100 in a little over a year, we can only believe them! (is that 140 characters yet?).

“Oh daaaaarlingggg.” Grrrr… we could squeeze the PR guys. An unstoppable force of column inches and awards. If the office were a catwalk, the PR guys would walk no differently. But boy, these guys know how to oil the wheals (or do we mean heals…?!) and cajole the media channels. You wanna be the story? Then come stir the hornets nest.

These guys are on it. Like a polar bear can sniff a seal from a mile away, these guys never miss a media opportunity, or moreover, a deal. Be it a European media strategy and buying brief, a social media campaign or a one-off strategic site targeted at just one person the guys work across all the media channels from digital to beer mats and work the SEO like demons. They’ve got all the tools and every trick of the trade. Dare to dare them?

The creatives. What to say. They are invariably inappropriate, have barely mastered the use of a knife and fork and like to roam in packs. But hey, they have wonderfully disciplined minds and the work they produce, be it for TV or a T-shirt, digital or a DPS is a bloody marvel. Yes, we salute them (from a distance).