Rolls Royce

In the beginning, Rolls-Royce had very little social media presence. All customer relationships existed in traditional offline and boardroom environments and their competitors were pulling away in the innovation race, purely based on perceptions.

YOU devised a strategy to take a traditional B2B brand and turn it into a P2P, (People to People), brand making engineering excellence interesting and accessible to a global audience. By humanising the company, telling the brand story through individuals whether it be an apprentice, intern, Head of Innovation or President of Aerospace, these nuggets of information act as jigsaw pieces of information that come together to tell a truly compelling story.

YOU launched Rolls-Royce on Twitter and Facebook in March 2014 and appetite far exceeded expectation. From zero to hero in 18 months, Rolls-Royce now have 130,000 followers on Twitter, 700,000 fans on Facebook and 230,000 followers on LinkedIn. YOU have helped transform Rolls-Royce from a company with good brand awareness to good brand knowledge; customer relationships exist offline as well as online in the public realm and perceptions of how Rolls-Royce are helping to future-proof engineering have changed. YOU’s work in building this community led to us being nominated for global social media strategy of the year 2015. We presented with some gusto in Berlin, but were to pipped to the post by Sky News.